Prego Prep: Preconception Checkup

The Mr. and I had our first appointment with an OB earlier last week. We scheduled a preconception checkup to meet a potential Obstetrician and to have some of our questions answered. Seeing as how we are both still young and healthy, the checkup was more of a question and answer ordeal. No blood work was done. No physical examinations besides stepping on the scale and taking my blood pressure. We left with a few items to keep in mind:

  • continue taking prenatal vitamins with sufficient folic acid, over the counter is fine
  • start taking a DHA supplement
  • consume 12oz of fish each week
  • due to my low daily intake of dairy products, I should also take a calcium supplement
  • check our vaccination records
  • eat plenty of dark leafy greens
  • continue with my current exercise regimen (yoga and running)

From there, I now have a couple of things to look into:

  • I have a pretty consistent diet during the week, I’m planning on tracking my food intake to see which prenatal vitamins work best for me
  • I hope to boost my consumption of calcium rich foods to see whether a calcium supplement is necessary
  • Start looking into some scrumptious low mercury fish recipes!
  • We both had chicken pox growing up, therefore no need to get the varicella vaccine.
  • I’ve had a booster MMR and Tetanus shot within the last 5 years. I need to check whether the tetanus shot included the pertussis vaccine.

So that concludes our experience at the OB for a Preconception Checkup! It wasn’t anything new really since I’ve already done a bit of research on things to do before trying to conceive but it was nice to see a doctor in person whom I can ask any outrageous and random questions of my own.

I’ll post a later update to which prenatal vitamins and DHA supplements I decide on.

Finances: Mr. Piggy

Welcome! I’m starting this blog with a very useful piece of advice for all my newlyweds. A good friend shared this interesting tidbit with me a few years ago.

If you are looking at really boosting your savings and have the luxury of a dual income with your significant other, aim to live off one salary and bank the other. Set up a completely separate savings account (an online high yield money market account) with direct deposit of your paychecks and don’t touch it!

It’s also useful seeing how comfortable you are living off one salary, in the case that one of you might stay home or work part time in the future. T and I find it very beneficial and our future Seattle home is closer within reach each month!