DIY: Stop Motion Video

When T and I were engaged, we wanted to share the news that we’re getting married in a fun and informal way. This stop-motion video was created a couple years ago for our Save The Dates but the same concept can be used by future brides, mom-to-be’s, party planners for an eco-friendly alternative to party invitations, announcements, Thank You notes, etc.

Visualize your story or message. Once you have an idea of what you’d like to display in your video, you may use Photoshop or simply free-hand the individual cartoon-like sketches. The sketches in our video were created using oil pastel. Select a suitable background for your video, I ended up using one of our spare travertine tiles for it’s smooth surface.

Set up the photoshoot. We situated a tripod above the tile, after tweaking the camera attachment, T was able to configure it to take photos from above.

Snap away. Similar to old cartoons, the video consists of still images strung together to create motion effects. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a smooth transition from one image to the next, the imperfections give it character.

Edit. You can then use Photoshop to edit any of your photos for added effects. The fireflies at the end of our video were simply added in this way. Using a video program found online, the individual images were strung together with our song of choice to create the stop-motion video.


DIY: Mini Name Tags

I created these mini name tags for the little ones at my sister’s reception this past winter. As party favors, she had large caramel apples decorated in fun bright colors and wanted to include a personalized note for each kiddo.

So I got to work. I started by sketching out different designs that doubled as name tags as well as mini envelopes to hold inserts for a personalized hand written note. And to finish it off, care instructions for proper storage of the apples to keep them fresh.

Supplies: card stock in 2 contrasting colors, envelope liner (I chose one with a nice sheen), scalpel, gluestick, paper cutter, printer, and image software

I added the colored balloons on the inserts and instruction tags for a fun touch. Since this was done last winter, unfortunately, I didn’t document each step during this project. Here was the finished product! (before hole punching the corner)

20130219-211403.jpg 20130219-210416.jpg

Such a fun project! And I loved how my sis wanted to do something so sweet for the kiddos, happy to have been a part of that. The caramel apples themselves were quite scrumptious!